Welcome to Andrea's Spring Bling Fundraising Page

Thank you for caring enough to want to help a child you will never meet.  Shot@Life is a wonderful campaign that provides life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries where they are most needed.  Every year a million children die from diseases like pneumonia, measles and rotavirus because they don't have access to vaccines.  We need to change this today.  Your donation does more than just help a child, it helps the entire family, community and nation become stonger.  It could even help eradicate polio forever--we are very close to that becoming a reality.  Please explore the website to see how your donation makes a difference.

Spring Bling is my chance to use my passion to help children live a healthy life and to raise awareness for this cause.  This is how it will work.

1.  Pick out a picture or pictures you like.  Decide on a size.  Total up your order.

  • 5x7s are $10 each or 3 for $25
  • 8x10s are $15
  • 11x14s are $25 
2.  Donate the appropriate amount here.

3.  Contact me by email andrea.m.riley@gmail.com or phone 402-310-3333 with what pictures you want and what sizes and your mailing address NO LATER THAN MARCH 28TH.

4. Enjoy your photos, your tax-deductible donation, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you made the world a little bit better than it was before.  Pictures will be shipped and reach your door in mid-April.