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Start Fundraising with Team ImmUNITY

Team ImmUNITY is our fun, team-oriented Shot@Life fundraising tool. If you like recruiting friends, family, neighbors, or classmates to donate for a cause, Team ImmUNITY is for you.

Through Team ImmUNITY, you have the ability to create your own team, set a goal, and encourage your team members to reach the goal. You can also set up an individual fundraising page and encourage your friends and family to help you reach your goal. Set up a $1,000 goal, get 50 friends to give $20 each and you’ve vaccinated 50 children against four diseases.

As a Team ImmUNITY Champion, you’ll be able to customize your page with a photo, send special messages to your team members or donors, and even create your own personal URL!

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Sign up as an individual fundraiser and recruit your friends, family and co-workers to help support you in raising money for global vaccines to give children a shot at a healthy life.


Team ImmUNITY Captain

Sign up as a team captain. Start your own team, and then invite people to join. Each team member can then ask friends, family, co-workers, or sponsors to support your efforts.


Team ImmUNITY Member

Sign up as a team member on an established Team ImmUNITY. Find a team by searching for a team captain or team name. Then sign up and start fundraising!


Team ImmUNITY Honor Roll

We appreciate all the hard work of our champions to raise money in support of vaccinating children around the world. Thanks to you, we’re able to give children the shot at a healthy life that they deserve. Want to know how to make it onto our top 10 list? Check out our supporter stories to get some ideas!

Top Ten Teams

  1 -  Mocha Moms, Inc. ($8,550.00)
  2 -  i hate measles ($6,740.00)
  3 -  RU Cares ($4,808.00)
  4 -  . ($3,880.00)
  5 -  ImmUNITY Campaign UIowa ($3,350.50)
  6 -  The University of Iowa ImmUNITY Campaign ($2,265.00)
  7 -  GFWC Cookeville Jr. Woman's Club ($1,225.00)
  8 -  Collin College Despicable Measles ($1,203.00)
  9 -  Shot@Life Utah ($1,170.00)
  10 -  LOVE ALL SERVE ALL ($1,075.00)

Top Ten Individuals

  1 -  Diego Pabon ($5,625.00)
  2 -  Andrea Riley ($3,356.26)
  3 -  Nicole Morgan ($2,289.00)
  4 -  Jennifer DeFranco ($1,966.83)
  5 -  Jen Lovallo ($1,651.99)
  6 -  Paige Miller ($1,318.21)
  7 -  Felisa Hilbert ($1,300.00)
  8 -  Julia Herman ($950.00)
  9 -  Polly Palumbo ($900.00)
  10 -  Elena Sonnino ($871.00)
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