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Team Elia

This team is in memory of Elia Homange who lost his life due to complications of chronic malaria in his home country of Tanzania.  Elia spent the 2009/2010 school year at Central High School in DeWitt, Iowa as an exchange student. 

Elia was a kind-hearted and generous young man with a heart full of promise and potential. He was quiet, shy, curious and full of life and faith in God. He was definitely a "dude" but he came into our lives and touched us all. We will forever remember the way Elia watched and observed and the numerous questions he asked. He wanted to learn, he wanted to be better and he wanted to make a change. His life ended far too soon because of a disease that is preventable but far too common in Tanzania, the country he called home.

His death has opened our eyes to the enormous problem that is malaria. This disease kills millions of children and young people every year. It is sad to think of all the mothers and fathers who have to watch their children suffer from a terrible disease with helplessness and sorrow.

Elia had grand plans and was willing to work and study hard to accomplish his goals. He went back to his country to fulfill his dreams. His dreams of going to college in the United States and becoming a pilot will not come true but his plan of changing the world can.

Together we can help save the lives of hundreds of children and their families by supporting Nothing But Nets.  These nets will protect and provide a mosquito-free night sleep for families.  A net costs just $10 to purchase, deliver, and educate the recipient on its proper use.  Each net can save a child's life

Please remember and honor Elia by donating to a cause that will help the children in his country.  We can make a difference. 

Thank you! 

For background on the malaria problem in Africa and the great work of Nothing but Nets, please read this Rick Reilly column at:

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Elia studying at his Iowa home
Elia studying at his Iowa home

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