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Welcome to Girl Up's GirlRaiser center! This is where you can complete the fifth item of the "High Five" — hosting a fundraiser within your school, club, or community. Check out what GirlRaiser is all about below, and be the head of your own campaign! Good luck!


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  • A brief overview of GirlRaiser

    GirlRaiser is a fun team-based fundraising tool. If you’ve ever participated in a walk-a-thon, raised money for a cause, or like a little help from your friends, GirlRaiser is for you!

    The main idea: GirlRaiser is a tool for you to raise as much money as you can for Girl Up, with a little more oomph, and help from us so you can succeed.

    There are progress meters, customized emails, and personal pages galore — it’s up to you how you want to set it up! You can be a team captain and recruit your five bffs, or even your classroom, or you can go solo and personally raise money from everyone in your contact list.

    Whatever you choose, you’re a GirlRaiser — and you’re officially really awesome for taking the extra step to transform girls’ lives around the world!


  • Why GirlRaiser?

    Simply put, being a GirlRaiser is one more way for you to go all out as a supporter of Girl Up and help change the lives of girls in developing countries. Here are a few of our favorite reasons we think you should sign up today:

    1. YOU are a leader!
    2. It's one way to accomplish step 5 of the High Five.
    3. By starting a team with four friends, that's five times more power, creativity, and funds to help send a girl to school, build a better health care facility, and prevent early marriage.
    4. You get access to exclusive content, perks, prizes, and opportunities through Girl Up. You are our superstars — and we'll reward you for it!

    Sign up and you’ll soon see there are many more reasons to be a GirlRaiser... are you ready yet?


  • How to be a GirlRaiser

    Now it’s it’s time to get started! We promise the five minutes you spend on this will be worth it five times over when you start bringing in all kinds of donations to help girls around the world!

    Here's how it works:

    1. You have three options: you can start a GirlRaiser team as a team captain, sign up as an individual GirlRaiser, or join an existing team.
    2. Name your GirlRaiser, set a fundraising goal, and fill out some basic contact information. If you’re joining an existing team, you’ll do the same except for naming the name.
    3. Then log in to your participant center to customize your page with photos, a video, or text to share your story.
    4. Finally, start recruiting your friends, family, neighbors, and classmates to join your team or donate to you through GirlRaiser. Import your email contacts to send out personalized notes, track your progress, and update your team and donors.

    It's that simple. See how easy it is to transform a girl's life?


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South Region

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  2. Rise Up - $71.00

Northwest Region

  1. Stanley Middle School - $4,000.00

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