Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn is a U.S. government initiative launched by the President and First Lady that helps adolescent girls attain a quality education and enables them to reach their full potential. Inspired by Let Girls Learn, Girl Up is helping to raise awareness and donations for the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund. Now you can fundraise for Let Girls Learn projects led by Peace Corps volunteers in countries around the world.

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"Girls Can Code!" Technology Camp (Zambia)

Funding Needed: $15,000

Teachers from four communities in the Luapula Province have proposed the “Girls Can Code” Technology Camp 2017 to create new opportunities for girls to learn and to address what the Zambian Education Ministry refers to as the “technology gap” that exists between rural and urban communities in the country. The "Girls Can Code" Technology Camp 2017 will build the technical learning capacity of individual girls, teaching them the basics of coding so they can work in teams to program, build applications, and create computer games. Learn more.


Latrine Project for Girls' Senior High School (Ghana)

Funding Needed: $7,301

When asked to identify the most pressing need at the Northern Region Girls Senior High School, the students, teachers and headmistress all agreed the need for a girls’ latrine was a top priority. The school does not currently have a latrine for students and teachers to use, either during the school day or overnight for the girls living in the newly constructed dorm on campus. This project will construct ten new latrines for the girls which will reduce the potential for life-threatening illnesses in the school and provide a proper hygienic and private sanitation facility. Learn more.

Spelling Bee

National Spelling Bee (Uganda)

Funding Needed: $2,500

According to UNICEF, Uganda's adult literacy levels stand at 73.2%, with female literacy rates being markedly lower than male literacy rates. To change these numbers, there is an increased focus on primary school education in Uganda, particularly for girls. The Uganda Spelling Bee (Local Language and English) aims to preserve indigenous languages, promote English language learning, encourage a love for reading and writing, build capacity of teachers in the area of literacy education, and provide a solid first-language literacy foundation for pupils to better assist them in mastering English. Learn more.

Teach to LEAD

Teach to LEAD (Uganda)

Funding Needed: $3,380

In Uganda overcrowded classrooms, a severe lack of resources, and incomplete teacher training have had a devastating impact on the teaching profession. Teachers in Uganda rarely receive the proper training and support to address all of the issues that impact the typical classroom, and this leads to a shortage of qualified teachers, unsafe learning environments, and a high drop-out rate for students. The Teach to LEAD project was developed to create a network of motivated and effective teachers, headmasters, and administrators within central Uganda who can help keep all students, especially girls, engaged and in school. Learn more.


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