Supporter Spotlight

supporter spotlight

These amazing supporters are all about girl power. Their passion for making a difference inspires us every single day.

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Leah Bikes Across the Country

As an avid cyclist, Leah put her passion to the test and rode across the United States to raise funds for Girl Up. Her journey, which raised $5,756 for Girl Up, started in South Carolina and ended on the beach in San Diego. Did we mention she's only 16 years old? Incredible!

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Claire's 18th Birthday

Claire decided that in honor of turning an adult, she would donate her 18th birthday to Girl Up. She started her fundraiser about a month before her birthday, asking for donations instead of gifts this year. She exceeded her fundraising goal by raising $875 for Girl Up.

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Gillian's Campaign for Bikes

When Girl Up asked our supporters to raise funds for bicycles through SchoolCycle, Gillian rose to the challenge. Gillian asked everyone she knew to donate a bicycle for $125 around the holidays, raising an amazing $11,412. As our top fundraiser, Gillian traveled to Malawi to see the bikes distributed.

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Caitlin Crosses the Finish Line with Team Girl Up

Caitlin is a college student, passionate about running and  girls empowerment. She joined Team Girl Up for the 2015 GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon and raised an incredible $1,939 ahead of race day. Caitlin was making a difference with every step she took towards the finish line.

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Nehal takes on the Five Year Anniversary Challenge

Girl Up celebrated our fifth anniversary this year and Nehal wanted to do something special to honor this milestone. At the 2015 Leadership Summit, she accepted the challenge to raise $5,000 for Girl Up by the end of the year. She's already so close to reaching her goal!

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Point Taken: Kristen Fences for Girl Up

After donating her birthday to Girl Up two years in a row, Kristen wanted to try something different - and came up with one of the most creative fitness fundraisers we've seen! For every fencing pool bout she won, she asked friends and family to donate to her fundraiser.