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Last December, thousands of people from all over the globe joined the #EarthToParis movement to call for bold action on climate change at COP21, the United Nations climate summit. Less than a year later, the historic climate agreement that we helped leaders reach in Paris has entered into force worldwide.

It was an incredible, people-powered victory for our planet. But if our leaders don't follow through on their promises made in Paris – if we don't move from words to action on climate change – we could still miss our chance to save the world.

That's why we're rallying this community now, as a new UN Secretary-General and U.S. President prepare to take office, and as leaders meet at the UN climate summit in Morocco to discuss how to start implementing the Paris Agreement. At this crucial moment, will you help us send our message from #EarthToMarrakech?

Jack Black and Lil Bub show us how it's done in this new video:

#EarthToMarrakech Video

Thanks to people (and cats!) around the world who joined their voices for a collective call for bold climate action, our leaders heard us in Paris last year. But we can't afford to take it easy now: The world is counting on us to demand ambitious, specific plans for meeting the Paris Agreement as leaders gather this week in Morocco.

We can't succeed with the Paris Agreement – or reach the global goals for sustainable development that are connected to it – without continuing to drive momentum for action. We have to keep being heard.

Watch the video and add your voice: The world has made climate commitments, and now it's time to act!

We saw it last year in Paris – every voice matters. Thanks for being part of #EarthToMarrakech and this movement working with the UN for a better world.

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Reid Detchon
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