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Under the Microscope: A Closer Examination of Over-Looked Issues

The fourth and final day of the PPFP Global meeting shone a light on the serious, challenging issues of reaching first-time parents with healthy timing and spacing interventions, post abortion care and contraception, proactive outreach for women of high parity, advanced maternal age and those who wish to limit pregnancies. Finally, with so much focus on increasing access to voluntary family planning, Ian Askew from the Population Council flipped the conversation to highlight the challenges of discontinuation and the "leaking bucket" phenomenon. He noted that women used a contraceptive method for an average of 20 months, with injectables having the lowest average continuation rate of any other method. Download the presentations from the plenary here, under meeting materials.

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Posters, Plans and Promising Progress for PPFP!

Hours of intense, focused group work to develop transformative, actionable solutions resulted in 16 impressive country plans that will help pave the way forward for postpartum family planning. Country posters were on display during a gallery walk where participants were encouraged to give “gold stars” to the ideas that resonated best.

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Meet Moriam Olaide Jagun, Senior Family Planning/Reproductive Health Program Manager, USAID Nigeria

In medical school I remember the case of a teenage girl who came in sick. It turned out she had had an abortion, which is illegal in Nigeria, so she had gone to a see a "quack". She developed a terrible case of gangrene and we had to scoop it all out, including her uterus. She was only about 18 years old. Wherever she is now, I wonder how she is doing, how she feels about society, about healthcare providers. If everybody had been doing their duty, she should have been able to access contraceptives and we would have prevented that incident. This is why we have to know our roles, we need to reach out and scale-up our family planning programs. Read more.

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Looking Ahead: Positioning Family Planning in the Sustainable Development Framework

Beth Schlachter, Executive Director of FP2020, joined the PPFP Global Meeting by video, urging participants to work together and build on the momentum of this meeting to ensure these critical issues remain in the final SDG outcome document. “With so many priorities, it is more essential than ever that family planning be not only included, but elevated in this emerging agenda,” she said. Watch Beth’s video here.

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Acting on the #ActionPPFP Call!

The PPFP Global Meeting concluded in the afternoon with inspiring, motivational words from Koki Agarwal from MCSP and Monica Kerrigan from FP2020. Buoyed by the excitement in the room, the closing plenary was flush full of applause, cheers, impromptu dances, hand waves and a final call to ACT NOW to accelerate postpartum family planning! View a photo recap of the meeting and don’t forget to turn up the volume and feel the energy!

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Fast Facts

Access to voluntary family planning programs could reduce maternal deaths by 25% to 40%.

In one year, family planning prevented more than 272,000 maternal deaths.

If all the needs for family planning were met, an additional 104,000 maternal deaths could be averted annually.

In each of the 24 USAID priority countries, women are having more children than they had initially planned.

In Asia and Latin America, the demand for limiting pregnancies exceeds the demand for spacing births in every country.

Of the tubal ligations performed for women under 30:
-36% occur in West Africa
-12% occur in East Africa
-50% occur in South Asia
-33% occur in Southeast Asia

40 million women with unintended pregnancies have an abortion each year. 50% of those are unsafe.

Over the next 5 years an estimated 49 million users will discontinue using contraception

On average, a woman will use a method for 20 months. 38% discontinue within 12 months and 64% discontinue within 24 months.

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Incredible sharing across countries at #ActionPPFP - here Nigeria sharing PPFP action plan with India delegates!

Challenge for PPFP not just starting early, but continuing-Ian Askew @Pop_Council @Jhpiego @FP2020Global #ActionPPFP

Adolescents can use all methods of contraception including LARCs. Check out the new WHO MEC #ActionPPFP @hrpresearch @FP2020global @unfpa


Day four: June 11, 2015

Plenary: Healthy Timing and Spacing for All Populations

Carina Stover, Evidence to Action

Trish MacDonald, USAID

Joan Healy, Ipas

Ian Askew Population Council

Continuing the Conversation and ICFP 2015

Zahra Aziz, FP2020

Biran Affandi, University of Indonesia

PPFP Global Meeting photos -- see the participants of #ActionPPFP!



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