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Delivering on the PPFP Promise: Jhpiego’s FP2020 Commitment Pays Off Big, Gives Women Increased Access in Burkina Faso

At the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, Jhpiego committed $200,000 to increase the availability and utilization of PPFP and postpartum intrauterine devices (PPIUDs) in Burkina Faso. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and after review of the government’s revised family planning strategy, Jhpiego identified PPIUD services as a key entry point for increasing contraceptive use, along with the integration of maternal health care and family planning services. Today, this investment in PPFP has yielded nearly $7 million in new funding to scale up PPFP in the country. As of April 2015, Jhpiego has launched a new, three-year project, funded by an anonymous donor to further support scale-up by endorsing integration of PPFP and PPIUD with pre-service education of midwives and ob/gyns and support new graduates as they take up their first posts—giving even more women the opportunity to plan for the future of their families and ensure that they thrive. Read more.

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A Bundle of Love: Integrating PPFP, Nutrition and Immunization

Much of day two of the PPFP Global Meeting was devoted to learning from colleagues in the fields of immunization and nutrition. From the nutrition standpoint, we learned that optimal birth spacing has many benefits for nutrition including the reduction of low birthweights, maternal nutritional depletion and malnutrition in children. On the immunization side, providing family planning information and services to postpartum women during their infants’ immunization visits provides an opportunity to reach women with unmet need for family planning. To learn more about integration of PPFP, download the Bundle of Love presentations here, under meeting materials.

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Meet Kate Oboke, Ebonyi State Ministry of Health, Nigeria

They say we carry our childhood with us: For Kate Oboke, the challenges she experienced as a young girl have informed her career choices. “I was born into a polygamous family. My mother had seven of us to feed. And I know how difficult was for my dad to take care of a lot of children. If he had had a better-sized family, it would have been better not only for us, but for him,” she says. Read more.

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A Safe Delivery on Stage Surprises the Crowd at the PPFP Global Meeting!

Ricky Lu from Jhpiego, Mark Hathaway from MCSP/Jhpiego and Maxine Eber from PSI delighted the audience with an unexpected show of their fine acting skills. The three mimicked an ideal situation where Maxine had been counseled and chosen a method during ANC, and during delivery she and her newborn were able to receive proper care, while her provider Mark, reconfirmed her and husband Ricky’s choice of postpartum family planning. The couple opted for an immediate IUD insertion which Mark noted was arguably “much less painful than labor.” They were asked to come back in six weeks for the baby’s immunization and a checkup on Maxine’s IUD, emphasizing a clear path for maximizing contact points to integrate immunization and postpartum family planning.  

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Fast Facts

PPFP plays a critical role in the efforts to reduce growth stunting by 40% from 165 million children to 100 million by 2025.

Routine immunization provides five contacts with children in the first year of life, and therefore multiple opportunities to be in touch with their mothers.

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Day Two: June 9, 2015

Bundle of Love, Part 1: Integration on the Day of Birth

Ricky Lu, Jhpiego

Anne Pfitzer, MCSP/Jhpiego

Bundle of Love, Part 2: Opportunities for Synergies in Extended Postpartum

Rae Galloway, MCSP/PATH

Clifton Kenon, USAID

Rebecca Fields, MCSP/John Snow Inc.

SK Sikdar, Gov't of India


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