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September 2017 Edition

Mega Goa Power Clean Energy Mini-grids

The Link Between Mini-Grids and Productive Growth 
By: Stephen Nash, Energy Economist, Transaction Advisor, and Founder, Kuungana Advisory

The economic viability of mini-grid projects is often very sensitive to the demand assumptions made when developing a project. It is largely for this reason that securing an anchor load can be so critical to many mini-grid business cases. Normally we think about those anchor loads as existing sources of demand; a telecoms mast, for example. But in many of the countries where mini-grid projects are being considered there is a significant latent demand, i.e., demand that would quickly crystallise if only a reliable and affordable energy access solution was at hand.

Powerhive Mini-Grid

Mini-Grid Project Guide Developed for Small Islands

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) can transform their power sectors towards renewable energy, addressing the challenges of affordable energy and climate change. In this context, renewable mini-grid solutions are now a cost-effective and viable strategy to expand electricity access in SIDS.

IRENA's online platform, Project Navigator, provides the tools and guidance to assist in developing renewable mini-grid projects, and introduces the best practices to assist project developers in preparing, developing, and operating bankable projects, particularly in the context of SIDS.


Mini-Grid Portal on Energypedia Launched 
Energypedia has recently launched its mini-grid portal: a centralized platform for all information related to mini-grids such as mini-grid definition, site selection, legal & financial framework and a list of online resources (external tools, websites and publications) on mini-grids.

Along with accessing information, mini-grid professionals and enthusiasts can also share their own knowledge and experience as well as discuss on trending topics on the portal. The portal serves a dual purpose: it provides introductory information to beginners as well as advanced information and tools to mini-grid developers and experts. 


Sustainable Energy for All Heat Maps: Progress and Challenges on Sustainable Energy 
Achieving universal energy access - a core focus of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) - can be hard to navigate when deploying limited resources for maximum impact. To help combat this issue, SEforALL has created four sets of heat maps - on electrification, clean cooking, energy efficiency and renewables - which identify specific countries and regions with the biggest gaps and needs.

By combining and analyzing data sets including the Global Tracking Framework (GTF) and Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE), the heat maps can show leaders where they can make the biggest and fastest inroads towards SEforALL's goals and can support these efforts accordingly. These maps also show where progress is happening so that their successes can be replicated and help leaders in government, business and civil society make smart choices.

Mini-grid News

African Mini-Grid Developers Assocation Formed
The Africa Mini-Grid Developers Association (AMDA) is the first mini-grid trade association, encompassing 10 members in two chapters (Kenya and Tanzania) with plans to go pan-African. The AMDA was created to help achieve a long-term solution to electricity poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by promoting cohesion within the sector and providing a "unified vision for the African continent for what future utilities look like and how we can build them."


India Taps Solar, Storage to Ensure All Homes Havef Power in 2018 
The Indian government has pledged to broaden the roll-out of solar and battery storage to households without power in rural and remote twons and villages, as part of a newly launched $2.5 billion project to electrify all of the country's households by the end of 2018. As part of the program, the government will identify households elgible for free electricity connections, with no fee charged for the connection of "poower citizens," the Prime Minister said.


Talking Business: Microfinance for Decentralized Renewables in Africa
October 9
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum 2017 International Renewable Energy Conference
October 11-13
Dakar, Senegal


Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2017
October 18-20
Abuja, Nigeria


ALER Conference: Renewables in the Electrification of Mozambique 
October 25-26
Maputo, Mozambique


Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa
OCtober 25-26
Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Humanitarian Workshop 
November 28- December 1
Nairobi, Kenya


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