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January 2017 Edition


Mini-Grid Partnership Member Call 

The first membership-wide call for the Mini-Grid Partnership (formerly HIO) will be held on Wednesday, January 18 at 9am EST/2pm UK/3pm CET. This call is the first in a new quarterly series where the Clean Energy Mini-Grid (CEMG) Steering Committee will ask the broader membership for help in directing the current and planned activities of the (CEMG) Partnership, and Partnership members will be given the opportunity to highlight their work. 


Green Mini-Grids Africa - Update on the DFID Supported Programme 
By: Steven Hunt, Senior Energy Innovation Advisor, UK Department for International Development

The Green Mini-Grids (GMGs) Africa programme aims to help transform the GMGs sector in Africa into a thriving industry on track to deliver IEA’s estimate that over 40% of universal access to electricity by 2030 will be most economically delivered by mini-grids. The intention is to achieve this by enabling a critical mass of experience and evidence of success in the two leading countries of Kenya and Tanzania, coupled with improved policy and market conditions for mini-grids regionally.

One year ago DFID published an update on the GMGs Africa Programme, offering an overview of the approach, the partners and the progress to date over the first year of the initiative. A year later, DFID shows how far the programme and the sector have come - but also highlights some of the things which still need to happen if the potential of mini-grids to accelerate energy access is to be fully unlocked. 


Moun yo swaf Kouran/ "People are Thirsty for Power" 
By: Drew Lebowitz, Operations Director, Sigora Haiti 

What began on December 26, 2015, with a single light bulb is quickly gathering speed to light up an entire province of a mostly dark country by the end of 2017. It started in the sleepy fishing town of Môle, which is one of the very few places in Haiti that now enjoys 24/7 electricity. 

The brainchild of Andy Bogdan Bindea, Sigora Haiti applies smart-grid technology to the developing world to create a long-term, sustainable solution to the problem of energy access. In a country where 72% of people live off-grid, Sigora’s work has become a template for a scalable private-sector solution to power up the roughly 1.1 billion people in the world still living without access to modern electricity.

As the neighboring communities hear of the developments in tiny Môle, they have bombarded the Sigora staff with calls, letters, and visits to encourage them to expand the project; Or as it is often put in Kreyol: “moun yo swaf kouran!” – the people are thirsty for power! 


Indonesia's New Rural Electrification Regulation
The Directorate General of Electricity under the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has pushed through a rural electrification regulation. This regulation provides the framework on how a private business entity can provide electricity to currently un-electrified regions through business area concessions. It also provides ways to calculate and receive electricity subsidies from the government. However, the exact requirements on how to become an appointed electricity provider is not defined within the regulation. Click here for the regulation (not in English).


Nigerian Rural Electrification Strategy and Implemntation Plan (RESIP) and the Establishment of the Rural Electrification Fund 
According to The Guardian Nigeria, one of the key priorities of a new Nigerian Rural Electrification Strategy and Implementation Plan (RESIP), is the establishment of the Rural Electrification Fund.The Plan, which was recently signed by President Muhammadu Buhari, is expected to be officially launched soon and is set to expand access to electricity as rapidly as possible in a cost-effective manner. The Nigerian Government hopes to implement RESIP using an independent Rural Electrification Fund operated by a Rural Electrification Agency. Among other things, the REF would be used to develop both grid-connected and off-grid rural electrification. It is to be comprised of contributions from government, donors and others in accordance with provisions of EPSR Act of 2005.

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Off-Grid and Mini-Grid: Q1 2017 Market Outlook  
Bloomberg New Energy Finance releases its inaugural Issue of a quarterly outlook, assessing the latest developments in distributed energy and electrification in emerging or remote markets. This issue spotlights on Nigeria and India, as well as global updates on market fundamental, project development and financing.


The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, collectively the World Bank Group (WBG), strive to enhance public access to and use of data that can support development impact. Energydata.info provides a platform for sharing data, visualizations and analytical tools that are relevant to the energy sector. While the World Bank Group is making available a number of datasets, information and tools on energydata.info, it encourages third-party users and organization to participate to the development of the platform by contributing additional relevant data, visualizations and analytical tools.


Renewables on the Rise
This comprehensive report draws on the best available, most recent research and aims to support NGOs to develop lobbying positions on climate and energy policy that can effectively influence governments at the national and regional level. Based on a literature review of thousands of pages of research published since 2011, the paper provides a rapid assessment of energy policy options for West Africa, including specific benefits of mini-grids.


Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative (AAI) Grant Fund


Eritrea: Supply of Electricity Distribution Materials for Solar PV Mini-Grid


IRENA/ADFD Project Facility Fifth Annual Funding Cycle

Closing Soon


Deadline: February 14 


Deadline: February 15


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Mini-grid News

Pay-As-You-Go Solar and Microgrids Considered New Class of Infrastructure Investment
Small enough to be deemed insignificant by conventional power market and investment standards, off-grid solar-storage mini- and microgrids now account for a significant and still growing share of electrification taking place in a diverse range of populous countries around the world – from Peru, Pakistan and Yemen to island nations including the Dominican Republic, Samoa, Fiji and Indonesia. 


Tanzania Granted US$870,000 for Renewable Energy Projects
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced the injection of an US$870,000 preparation grant for Tanzania's the Rural Energy Agency (REA) through its Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) trust fund. The money will be used to structure the Renewable Energy Investment Facility (REIF), which will provide affordable finance to private sector clean energy projects providing energy access to rural communities in Tanzania, according to the Bank.


Minigrids can Power Rural Economic Activity, says Smart Power’s Mukherjee
According to Smart Power India, mini-grids can spur economic activity in rural areas and accelerate the process of expanding mobile phone networks across the country due to their large capacities and the ability to connect to the national grid. A combination of flexible regulation by the government and erratic power supply from the national grid has meant that mini-grids can compete directly with the national grid and, according to Smart Power India, often the mini grids are installed in places already covered by the national grid.


Power Tech Africa 2017 
January 30-31
Nairobi, Kenya


Sustainable Energy Southern Africa Forum of the AFrica-EU Energy Partnership
January 31 February 2
Lusaka, Zambia


RE-Invest 2017 India 
February 15-17
New Delhi, India


Powering Africa: Summit
March 8-10
Washington, DC, USA


ARE Energy Access Investment Forum
March 22 -23 
Lisbon, Portugal


Africa 3rd Sustainable Energy for All Forum: Going Further, Faster - Together Energy Forum
Off the Grid 

April 3-5
New York, New York, USA


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