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Using Software to Make a Compelling Business Case for Mini-Grid Deployment 
By: John Glassmire, Director of Energy Engineering at HOMER Energy 

One of the greatest challenges facing those who want smarter, cheaper, cleaner energy is the large number of options and technologies available to provide power. Advocates for particular technologies all insist they have the only solution to our looming global energy crises. The sheer number of hybrid solutions can frighten even the most well-informed decision makers.This is the problem that modeling software such as HOMER® was engineered to answer: How do I design a system that provides clean, reliable, affordable power?


Key Considerations for Deploying Microgrids Worldwide
By: Arjun Gupta, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional and Senior System Design Engineer at UGE International 

Microgrids powered by renewable energy are fast replacing those powered by fossil fuels. As a global developer, UGE has over 330 MW of renewable energy experience worldwide, including the installation of several solar and wind powered microgrids. Through UGE's consultative approach, they work to understand how to best design and develop microgrids across a variety of locations for both grid-tied and off grid use.


India Issues a Draft National Policy on Renewable Energy Mini/Micro-grids 
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a draft national policy for mini/ micro grids (refer). The policy aims to create up to 500 MW capacity in the private sector in the next five years.


BNEF Releases Rwanda Simplified Licensing Procedure for Off-Grid Renewable Energy Projects 
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has published a summary of the 2015 Rwanda Mini-grid Licensing Policy.


Energy Access: It's the Policy, Stupid
Power for All Communications Director William Brent discusses how policy and regulatory changes can have a transformative impact on energy access and result in more rapid deployment of distributed renewable energy.

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ARE Launches Off-Grid Job Platform  
The Off-Grid Job Platform plays an important role in attracting talented and motivated individuals to work in the off-grid sector. This tool helps businesses to find the right candidates for their vacancies, for job seekers to find jobs that match their ambitions and for the sector as a whole to attract new talent.


Enabling Mini-Grid Development in Rural India
Using a comprehensive life-cycle cost analysis, this study finds that mini-grids are more economical than incumbent energy services available to households without central grid connections in India. Through a qualitative analysis, the study identifies the threat of central grid extension as the gateway barrier preventing mini-grid development in India. The issues associated with the gateway barrier have common elements with the so-called holdup problem as identified in the economics of organizations.


Electricity Beyond the Grid: Accelerating Access to Sustainable Power for All
This new report by Price Waterhouse Coopers indicates that existing stand-alone business models and mini-grid business models will transform into more connected smart off-grid energy systems with a substantially larger market size compared to those today. New business models driven by the development of mobile payment, data analytics and large battery systems will emerge and drive the transformation.



Liberia: Supply and Installation of 5 Micro-grid Photovoltaic Generators


Niger: Feasibility Study of PV Hybridization of Diesel-Based Mini-Grids in Niger


Zambia: Financing Round for Off-Grid Electrification

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Microgrids Going Macro. North America Leads but Latin America and Asia Pacific Right Behind
Navigant Research has noted as of the second quarter of 2016 that the remote microgrid segment has a growing dominance in the microgrid market, showing increasing visibility in the Middle East and African region as well as the Latin American and Asia Pacific regions.



El Hierro The leading example for renewable integration on islands?
El Hierro is a frequently cited example for renewable integration on islands, but microgrid expert Martin Baart “couldn’t disagree more”. He argues that the project didn’t present a viable business case, the duration of the project was unreasonable, the technologies used were conservative, and the goals weren’t achieved.



Targeting Areas with Strong Sunlight and Little or No Access to Electricity, Caterpillar’s New Hybrid Microgrid Play
Caterpillar became the latest big infrastructure company to unveil a microgrid play with the recent launch of its hybrid microgrid into the global market. The Cat hybrid technology combines solar, energy storage and fossil fuels and will focus on projects 10 kW to 100 MW.



Bypassing Utility Models for Clean, Smart Microgrids in Emerging Markets
Energy project developers are just beginning to see the advantages of bypassing the old and “messy” electricity infrastructure in favor of clean, smart microgrids in developing countries. That was one of Haresh Patel’s observations about the information gleaned from developers for its latest Mercatus Global Advanced Energy Insights Report. The report also found that renewable energy projects in emerging markets are yielding 28 percent higher returns than in North America and Europe.


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India Energy Access Summit 2016
August 10-12
New Delhi, India


Intersolar Middle East
September 19-21
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Asia Power Week 
September 20-22
Seoul, South Korea


Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini-Grids Energy Access Conference
September 21-23
Bad Hersfeld, Germany


Power Nigeria 
September 27-29 
Lagos, Nigeria


SEED Africa Symposium 
September 28-29
Nairobi, Kenya


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